The next generation of yearbook creation is almost here! Coming Spring 2020.

Simple, Intuitive and Powerful Tools


Easy to use

Layout PRO streamlines the page creation experience – allowing the designer to create beautiful publications they love quickly and easily without the time and technical knowledge of traditional page design software.



Layout Pro is jam-packed with features that you’ve come to expect from Jostens. With thousands of trend-forward templates, millions of color combinations and font favorites, there’s no stopping creativity.


Chromebook Optimized

With its iPad and Chromebook friendly design, Layout PRO is mobile optimized for use on any browser-enabled device. Yearbook anywhere. Anytime. On any device.

[What I love about Layout Pro is] the Drag and drop upload functionality with photos. I’m really enjoying how I don’t have to “think” on a lot of the steps anymore. I love that this is more intuitive like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Meghan Adams, Adviser
Slippery Rock Area High School [PA]

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What’s New

Here’s a look at a few notable new features in Layout Pro.


The Preflight Panel lets you proof, complete and submit your pages all within Layout Pro. Run spell check, generate PDF proofs, and view page errors to make sure your pages are flawless before submission.

Drag and Drop Image Upload

Easily drag and drop images from your desktop into Layout Pro to upload them directly into the image library. Add and edit photos in one place without needing to leave the designer.

Page History Filters

Made an edit then regretted it? Drag and drop previous versions of a page right back into the designer. Filtering history by user makes grading pages and checking staff members’ productivity a breeze.

Contextual Toolbar

The contextual toolbar offers different formatting options depending on whether you are editing text or an image. Detach palettes to keep them at your fingertips when in use and when you no longer need them they tuck back in to the top toolbar to save valuable screen space.

Comment Panel

Collaboration made easy. Easily view, add, reply to and resolve comments all in one place with the comment panel. When the panel is closed the comments are hidden so they don’t clutter up the page.

Dynamic Spell Check

No more missed spelling errors. Dynamic Spell Check continuously checks for spelling errors on the spread and highlights them red for maximum visibility.

Smart and Secure


Revision History

Saving your designs is a critical step in the design process. But, if you’ve made a change since the save that you regret, you can always step back into the past. Jostens tracks and saves each edit into the History Panel, where you are able to restore a previous session.


Protecting your data

Our data security and moderation tools make us the most trusted partner in celebrating the moments that matter. We are COPPA and FERPA compliant. Teachers and schools own the content. We protect your information and we don’t sell your data.

Ready to Go PRO?

Layout Pro by Jostens is the next innovation that will bring a whole lot of yearbook love to your yearbook creation needs. Want a sneak preview?